About the Band

Bands come, and bands go, but for over 30 years, Thief has been the undisputed "7th best band in Covina." That designation did not come easily, nor is it easily maintained. Some people joke that there are only seven bands in Covina, but even if that were true, it merely reaffirms their standing. For those who mock them (and there are many), Thief offers this challenge: They will buy a beer for anyone who can name seven bands in Covina that are better than Thief. Of course, prior to any beer being purchased they will require irrefutable proof that those bands are superior to Thief (including tamper-free recordings and sworn affidavits from sober ear witnesses).

Thief is a "classic rock" band. What that means is, they still play the same songs they all learned in the 60ís, 70ís and 80ís when they played in "top 40" bands. In other words, yesterday's top 40 are todayís classics (please donít call them "oldies" as it hurts Dougís feelings). This makes it convenient for the band since they never have to learn anything new. Also, after consuming five beers and four rounds of whatever their fans have sent up to the stage in those tiny little glasses, itís much easier to play a song theyíve been playing for 30 years than something that they only learned a mere five years ago. This is especially true for their keyboard player, who is barely adequate even when stone cold sober.


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